Image Component Library (ICL)
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
icl::math::Octree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, Pt, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >::AABBInternally used axis-aligned bounding box
icl::math::QuadTree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >::AABBInternally used axis-aligned bounding box
icl::qt::AbstractPlotWidgetThe PlotWidget is an abstract base class for 2D plotting components
icl::io::pylon::AcquisitionInterruptorUtility Structure
icl::filter::AffineOpClass to apply an arbitrary series of affine transformations \
icl::math::Octree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, Pt, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >::AllocatorInernally used block allocator
icl::math::QuadTree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >::AllocatorInernally used block allocator
icl::geom::AlphaFuncPropertyExtra base class for primitives, that use a special alpha function (in particular textures)
icl::utils::AnySimple generic data type implementation that uses a string based data representation
icl::utils::Array2D< T >Simple 2D-Array class that provides shallow copy per default
icl::utils::ArrayDelOpArray delete operation class for the SmartPtr class
icl::qt::DataStore::AssignInternally used assignment structure
icl::qt::ICLApplication::AsynchronousEventInterface for events that must be executed in the GUI Thread
icl::filter::BaseAffineOpAbtract base class for arbitrary affine operation classes \
icl::core::BayerConverterUtiltity class for bayer pattern conversion
icl::io::pylon::BayerToRgb8IclThis ColorConverter uses the icl Bayer to Rgb conversion
icl::markers::BCHCoderMain class for BCH encoding/decoding
icl::filter::BinaryArithmeticalOpClass for arithmetic operations performed on two images
icl::filter::BinaryCompareOpClass for comparing two images pixel-wise
icl::filter::BinaryLogicalOpClass for logical operations performed on two images. (and, or, xor)
icl::filter::BinaryOpAbstract base class for binary image operations
icl::cv::SimpleBlobSearcher::BlobInternal blob-result type
icl::qt::BorderInternally used component
icl::qt::BorderBoxA simple utility class (QWidget with titled border)
icl::qt::BorderHandleHandle class for "border" gui components (only for explicit "border" components)
icl::qt::BoxHandleA Handle for container GUI components (hbox, vbox, hscroll and vscroll)
icl::qt::ButtonButton Component
icl::qt::ButtonGroupButtonGroup component (aka vertical list of radio buttons)
icl::qt::ButtonGroupHandleClass for handling button goups
icl::qt::ButtonHandleSpecial Utiltiy class for handling Button clicks in the ICL GUI API
icl::geom::DataSegmentBase::BytesVery simple Byte Vector class to provide binary access to DataSegmentBase data
icl::qt::CamCfgCamera configuration component
icl::qt::CamCfgWidgetSpecial QWidget implementation for configuring grabber properties
icl::geom::CameraCamera class
icl::filter::CannyOpClass for the canny edge detector (IPP only!)
icl::qt::ThreadedUpdatableSlider::CBInternally callback type
icl::filter::ChamferOpChamfering Unit
icl::core::Channel< T >Utility helper class for faster and more convenient access to single channel image data
icl::qt::CheckBoxCheckBox component
icl::qt::CheckBoxHandleSpecial Utiltiy class for handling Button clicks in the ICL GUI API
icl::core::ChromaAndRGBClassifierCombination classifier using RG-chroma. as well as RGB-thresholded reference color classifiation
icl::core::ChromaClassifierClassifier interface using RG-chromaticity space and two parables
icl::qt::ChromaGUIDedicated GUI component which can be used to adjust segmentation parameters
icl::math::DynMatrix< T >::col_iteratorInternal column iterator struct (using height-stride)
icl::math::FixedMatrix< T, COLS, ROWS >::col_iteratorInternal struct for row-wise iteration with stride=COLS
icl::utils::VisualizationDescription::ColorUtility Color class
icl::qt::Dragger::ColorUtility class which helps to convert rgb to RG-Chroma and back
icl::io::pylon::ColorConverterPure virtual interface for color converters
icl::filter::ColorDistanceOpClass for creating a color distance map
icl::io::ColorFormatDecoderThe ColorFormatDecoder allows for easy conversion of special color formats to RGB
icl::qt::ColorHandleClass wrapping ColorLabel GUI compoenent handling
icl::qt::ColorLabelUtility class to avoid Qt warning when accesing QLabels from differnt Threads
icl::filter::ColorSegmentationOpClass for fast LUT-based color segmentation
icl::qt::ColorSelectColor selection component
icl::qt::ComboComboBox GUI component
icl::qt::ComboHandleHandle class for combo components
icl::qt::CompabilityLabelUtility class to avoid Qt warning when accesing QLabels from differnt Threads
icl::geom::ComplexCoordinateFrameSceneObjectSpecial SceneObject implementation that define a visible coordinate frame
icl::cv::ImageRegionData::ComplexInformationComplex information,
icl::io::ImageCompressor::CompressedDataMost simple dyn-size array with given data and length
icl::io::ImageCompressor::CompressionSpecCompression specification
icl::io::pylon::ConcGrabberBufferThis is used for concurrent writing and reading of ConvBuffers
icl::utils::ConfigFileUtility class for creating and reading XML-based hierarchical configuration files
icl::utils::ConfigurableInterface for classes that can be configured from configuration-files and GUI-Components
icl::utils::ConfigurableProxyThis class provides the getter and setter methods of an internally set Configurable
icl::utils::ConstFunctorFunctionImpl< Object, R, A, B, C >FunctionImpl implementation for functors of const objects
icl::utils::ConstMemberFunctionImpl< Object, R, A, B, C >FunctionImpl implementation for const member functions
icl::qt::ContainerGUIComponentSpecial GUI extension, that mimics the GUIComponent interface
icl::qt::ContainerHandleBase class for Container like GUI handles as Box- or Tab widgets
icl::io::pylon::ConvBuffersThis class holds all buffers needed for ColorConversion
icl::core::ConverterGeneral Image Converter
icl::filter::ConvolutionKernelUtility struct for managing convolution kernel data
icl::filter::ConvolutionOpClass for Image convolutions
icl::geom::CoordinateFrameSceneObjectSpecial SceneObject implementation that define a visible coordinate frame
icl::geom::CoplanarPointPoseEstimatorUtility class that allows for 6D pose estimation from a set of at least 4 coplanar points
icl::cv::CornerDetectorCSSCurvature Corner Detector
icl::markers::MarkerMetricsICL1::CRChild region struct
icl::qt::CreateFinalizes GUI creation (actually creates the Qt-GUI but initially hidden)
icl::io::CreateGrabberCreate Grabber class that provides an image from ICL's create function
icl::utils::ConfigFile::DataData- type used for the []-operator of ConfigFile instances
icl::qt::DataStore::DataArbitrary Data encapsulation type
icl::math::LevenbergMarquardtFitter< Scalar >::DataUtility structure that is used in the static create_data utlity method
icl::utils::MultiTypeMap::DataArrayInternally used data handling structure
icl::geom::DataSegment< T, N >The DataSegment class defines a strided data segment (or 1D or 2D ordred array of vectors)
icl::geom::DataSegment< T, 1 >Template specialization for data-segments, where each entry is just 1D
icl::geom::DataSegmentBaseAbstract data segment class
icl::qt::DataStoreExtension of the associative container MultiTypeMap
icl::io::DCDeviceDevice struct, used by the DCGrabber class to identify devices
icl::io::DCDeviceFeaturesUtility class for handling DC-Device features
icl::io::DCDeviceOptionsUtility struct for DC Camera device options
icl::io::dc::DCFrameQueueInternal used utility class for fast handling of DMA buffers
icl::io::DCGrabberGrabber implementation for handling DC-Devices using libdc1394 (Version >= 2.0.rc9) \
icl::io::dc::DCGrabberThreadInternally spawned thread class to provide continuous grabbing without drop frames
icl::cv::CornerDetectorCSS::DebugInformationDetailed information about one corner detection run
icl::markers::DecodedBCHCodeBCH decoder result
icl::markers::DecodedBCHCode2DSlightly more comples decoding result that does also contain an rotation value
icl::cv::FloodFiller::DefaultCriterion< T >Predefined criterion for simple reference-value based filling for 1-channel images
icl::qt::DefineRectanglesMouseHandler::DefinedRectInternally used utils::Rect structure
icl::qt::DefineQuadrangleMouseHandlerSpecial MouseHandler Implementation that allows for defining a quadrangle
icl::qt::DefineRectanglesMouseHandlerUtility mouse handler implementation that allows to define rectangles via drag and drop
icl::utils::DelOpBasePure Interface class for DelOps
icl::io::DemoGrabberDemo Grabber class providing am image with a moving rect
icl::geom::DepthCameraPointCloudGrabberPointCloudGrabber implementation for 2D core::depth-image based creation of point clouds
icl::io::icl_openni::DepthGeneratorOptionsThis class interprets and sets Properties of OpenNI DepthGenerators
icl::qt::DispDisplay component for a 2D Array of labels
icl::qt::DispHandleHandle class for disp components
icl::qt::DoubleSliderA utiltiy class which implements a labeld, double valued QSlider
icl::qt::DraggerUtility class that implements draggable rects on the ChromaWidget surface
icl::qt::DragRectangleMouseHandlerSpecial MouseHandler implementation that allows for dragging a Rectangle
icl::qt::DrawImage visualization component that allows for overlayed 2D image annotation
icl::qt::Draw3DImage visualization compoent that allows for 2D and 3D image annotation
icl::qt::DrawHandleHandle class for image components
icl::qt::DrawHandle3DHandle class for image components
icl::qt::DummyCreates not component
icl::filter::DynamicConvolutionOpConvolution using the ROI of an ICL image as its kernel \
icl::math::DynColVector< T >Extension class for the DynMatrix<T> template, that restricts the the matrix column count to 'one'
icl::math::DynMatrix< T >Highly flexible and optimized matrix class implementation
icl::math::DynMatrix< T >::DynMatrixColumnInternally used Utility structure referencing a matrix column shallowly
icl::math::DynRowVector< T >
icl::io::JPEGEncoder::EncodedDataEncoded data type
icl::utils::MultiTypeMap::EntryEntry struct used in getEntryList function
icl::utils::ConfigFile::EntryInternal utility structure for contained data
icl::utils::ConfigFile::EntryNotFoundExceptionInternal exception type, thrown if an entry was not found
icl::qt::DataStore::Data::EventInternally used Data- Structure
icl::cv::Extrapolator< valueType, timeType >Class for linear and quadatic extrapolation
icl::utils::FastMedianListUtility class for fast calculation of a median (calculating a median in O(N))
icl::math::FFTExceptionSpecial exception implementation for the FFT package
icl::markers::FiducialMain class for detected image markers/fiducials
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorMain Fiducial Detector class
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorPluginGeneric Interface class for FiducialDetector plugins
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorPluginAmoebaFiducialDetectorPlugin for reacTIVision's 'amoeba' markers
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorPluginARTFiducialDetectorPlugin for ARToolkit like markers using binary image patches as marker IDs
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorPluginBCHFiducialDetectorPlugin for ARToolkit+ like markers using BCH coded IDs
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorPluginForQuadsFiducialDetectorPlugin for quad-markers like ARToolkit and BCH-Code markers
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorPluginHierarchicalExtra abstraction layer that defines a basic skeleton for the detection of hierarchical fiducials
icl::markers::FiducialDetectorPluginICL1FiducialDetectorPlugin for ARToolkit+ like markers using BCH coded IDs
icl::markers::FiducialImplHidden implemetation for fiduical classes
icl::utils::FileUtility class for file handling (reading files is buffered)
icl::io::FileGrabberGrabber implementation to grab from files \
icl::io::FileGrabberPluginInterface for ImageGrabber Plugins for reading different file types
icl::io::FileGrabberPluginBICLPlugin to grab binary icl image (.bicl or .bicl.gz)
icl::io::FileGrabberPluginCSVFileGrabber plugins for writing ".csv" files (Comma-Separated Values)
icl::io::FileGrabberPluginImageMagickInterface class for reading images using an ImageMagick++ wrapper
icl::io::FileGrabberPluginJPEGPlugin class to read "jpeg" and "jpg" images
icl::io::FileGrabberPluginPNGPlugin class to read "png" images
icl::io::FileGrabberPluginPNMPlugin to grab ".ppm", ".pgm", ".pgm" and ".icl" images
icl::io::FileListUtility class implementing a list of files
icl::io::FilenameGeneratorUtility class for generating a stream of filenames
icl::utils::FileNotFoundExceptionException thrown if a file could not be found
icl::utils::FileOpenExceptionException thrown if a file could not be opend
icl::io::FileWriterFile Writer implementation writing images to the hard disc
icl::io::FileWriterPluginInterface class for writer plugins writing images in different file formats
icl::io::FileWriterPluginBICLWriter plugin to write binary icl image (extension bicl / bicl.gz)
icl::io::FileWriterPluginCSVWriter plugins for ".csv"-files (Comma-Separated Values)
icl::io::FileWriterPluginImageMagickInterface class for writing images using an ImageMagick++ wrapper
icl::io::FileWriterPluginJPEGA Writer Plugin for writing ".jpeg" and ".jpg" images
icl::io::FileWriterPluginPNGA Writer Plugin for writing ".png" images
icl::io::FileWriterPluginPNMWriter plugin to write images as ".ppm", ".pgm", ".pnm" and ".icl"
icl::utils::FixedArray< T, DIM >Fixed C++-array wrapper class for data handling
icl::utils::FixedArray< T, 1u >Specialization for 1D-vectors providing a value x
icl::utils::FixedArray< T, 2u >Specialization for 2D-matrics providing direct access to values x, y
icl::utils::FixedArray< T, 3u >Specialization for 3D-matrics providing direct access to values x, y, z
icl::utils::FixedArray< T, 4u >Specialization for 4D-matrics providing direct access to values x, y, z and h
icl::math::FixedColVector< T, DIM >
icl::core::FixedConverterSpecial converter "producing" images with fixed parameters
icl::math::FixedMatrix< T, COLS, ROWS >Powerful and highly flexible matrix class implementation
icl::math::FixedMatrixBaseFixedMatrix base struct defining datamode enum
icl::math::FixedMatrixPart< T, N, Iterator >Utility struct for FixedMatrix sub-parts
icl::math::FixedRowVector< T, DIM >
icl::qt::FloatText Input component, that allows float inputs in a given range
icl::qt::FloatHandleClass for handling "float" textfield components
icl::cv::FloodFillerUtility class for image flood filling
icl::io::FourCCWrapper class for fourcc color codes
icl::qt::FpsFrames per second estimator component
icl::utils::FPSEstimatorUtility clas for online FPS estimation
icl::qt::FPSHandleClass for Frames-per-second GUI-Label
icl::utils::FPSLimiterAn fps limiter can be used to limit online applications FPS
icl::utils::FreeDelOpC-Style delete operation class for the SmartPtr class
icl::qt::FSliderFloat-valued Slider component
icl::qt::FSliderHandleHandle class for slider componets
icl::utils::Function< R, A, B, C >The General Function Template
icl::utils::FunctionImpl< R, A, B, C >General Implementation for binary functions
icl::utils::FunctionImpl< R, A, B, void >Special Implementation for unary functions
icl::utils::FunctionImpl< R, A, void >Special Implementation for unary functions
icl::utils::FunctionImpl< R, void, void >Special Implementation for void functions
icl::utils::FunctorFunctionImpl< Object, R, A, B, C >FunctionImpl implementation for Functors
icl::filter::GaborOpApplies Gabor filter operation on images
icl::cv::CornerDetectorCSS::GaussianKernel1 dim gaussian kernel
icl::io::GenericGrabberCommon interface class for all grabbers
icl::math::GenericHomography2D< T >Utility structure that represents a 2D homography (implemented for float and double)
icl::io::GenericImageOutputGeneric Sink for images
icl::geom::GenericTexturePrimitiveTexture Primitive for rendering textures with arbitrary texture coordinates
icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget3D::GLCallbackInternally used callback class type
icl::qt::GLContextShallow Wrapper class around GLX and QGLContext instances
icl::qt::GLFragmentShaderSimple wrapper class for OpenGL 2.0 Fragment Shader Programs
icl::qt::GLImgOpenGL Texture Map Image class
icl::utils::GlobalFunctionImpl< R, A, B, C >FunctionImpl implementation for global functions
icl::qt::GLPaintEnginePaint engine to be used in QGLWigets for a high performance image visualization
icl::io::GrabberCommon interface class for all grabbers
icl::io::GrabberDeviceDescriptionDefines and explains an available grabber device
icl::io::pylon::GrabbingInterruptorUtility Structure
icl::filter::GradientImageClass for calculation of gradient image information
icl::utils::GRandLightweight Random generator class for gaussian distributed numbers
icl::utils::GRandClipLightweight Random generator class for gaussian distributed numbers clipped to a given range
icl::geom::GridSceneObjectSceneObject specialization for grid like objects
icl::qt::GUIMain Class of ICL's GUI creation framework
icl::qt::GUIComponentServers as a generic interface for GUI definitions
icl::qt::GUIDefinitionUtilty class to simplify creation of GUI components
icl::qt::GUIHandle< T >Abstract base class for Handle classes
icl::qt::GUIHandleBaseBase class for GUIHandles providing functions to register callbacks
icl::qt::GUISyntaxErrorExceptionInternally used and caught exception class for the GUI API
icl::qt::GUIWidgetAbstract class for GUI components
icl::qt::HBoxHorizonal Box container component
icl::io::ImageCompressor::HeaderCompressed image header
icl::io::FileGrabberPlugin::HeaderInfoInternally used collection of image parameters
icl::qt::HistogrammWidgetUtility class used within the ICLWidget class
icl::geom::HitUtility structure that defines a hit between a ViewRay and SceneObjects
icl::cv::HoughLineLine Equation structure
icl::qt::HScrollHorizontal scroll area
icl::qt::HSplitHorizontal split-component
icl::cv::HungarianAlgorithm< real >Implementation of the Hungarian Algorithm to solve Linear Assignment problems
icl::qt::ICLApplicationQApplication extension for ICL based applications
icl::qt::ICLDrawWidgetExtended Image visualization widget, with a drawing state machine interface
icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget3DExtended ICLDrawWidget, able to draw 2D and 3D primitives using OpenGL
icl::utils::ICLExceptionBase class for Exception handling in the ICL
icl::qt::ICLWidgetClass for openGL-based image visualization components
icl::qt::IconFactorySimple utility class providing static functions to create some icons
icl::geom::ICPImplementaiton of the Iterator Closest utils::Point (ICP) Algorithm
icl::filter::IFFTOpThis class implements the unary operator for the inverse fast and discrete 2D fourier transformation
icl::qt::ImageImage visualization component
icl::io::ImageCompressorEncoder class for optimized encoding of images
icl::io::icl_openni::ImageGeneratorOptionsThis class interprets and sets Properties of OpenNI ImageGenerators
icl::qt::ImageHandleHandle class for image components
icl::io::ImageOutputMinimal interface for image output classes
icl::filter::ImageRectification< T >The ImageRectification class can be use to rectify an image quadrangle (IPP accellerated)
icl::cv::ImageRegionImageRegion Structure providing region feature information
icl::cv::ImageRegionDataUtility class for shallow copied data of image region class
icl::cv::ImageRegionPartThe ImageRegionPart represents a intermediate region part for the connected component analysis
icl::core::ImageSerializerUtility class for binary Image Serialization
icl::filter::ImageSplitterUtility class to split an images roi into a set of shallow copies
icl::core::Img< Type >The Img class implements the ImgBase Image interface with type specific functionalities \
icl::core::ImgBaseImgBase is the Image-Interface class that provides save access to underlying Img-template \
icl::core::ImgBasePtrPtr< T >Utility class that helps for an implicit conversion between Img<T>* to ImgBase**
icl::core::ImgBorderClass to setup an images border pixels
icl::core::ImgBufferSingelton class that provides access to reusable temporary images
icl::core::ImgIterator< Type >Iterator class used to iterate through an Images ROI-pixels
icl::core::ImgParamsStores all image parameters \
icl::qt::ImgParamWidgetInternally used widget to define image params
icl::qt::ImgROIInternal stuct, used for deep image copies
icl::math::IncompatibleMatrixDimensionExceptionSpecial linear algebra exception type \
icl::utils::ProcessMonitor::InfoUtility struct, that is used to pass available information at once
icl::markers::FiducialImpl::Info2DSet of 2D features
icl::markers::FiducialImpl::Info3DSet of 3D features
icl::filter::InplaceArithmeticalOpInplace implementation for arithmetical operations
icl::filter::InplaceLogicalOpFilter class for logical in-place operations
icl::filter::InplaceOpInterface class for inplace operators
icl::qt::IntText Input component, that allows integer inputs in a given range
icl::filter::IntegralImgOpClass for creating integral images
icl::io::pylon::InterruptableUtility Structure
icl::qt::IntHandleClass for handling "int" textfield components
icl::utils::InvalidDepthExceptionException thrown if a function should process an unsupported image depth
icl::utils::InvalidFileExceptionException thrown if a file could not be read properly
icl::utils::InvalidFileFormatExceptionException for invalid file formats
icl::utils::InvalidFormatExceptionException thrown if a function should process an unsupported image format
icl::utils::InvalidImgParamExceptionException called if an image gets invalid params
icl::math::InvalidIndexExceptionSpecial linear algebra exception type \
icl::math::InvalidMatrixDimensionExceptionSpecial linear algebra exception type \
icl::utils::InvalidRegularExpressionExceptionThrown by iclStringUtils::match if regular Expression is not valid
icl::utils::InvalidSizeExceptionException thrown if a function should process an unsupported sizes (e.g. with negative dim..)
icl::utils::ConfigFile::InvalidTypeExceptionInternal exception type, thrown if an entry type missmatch occurs
icl::io::JPEGDecoderUtility class for decoding JPEG-Data streams (with HAVE_LIBJPEG only)
icl::io::JPEGEncoderEncoding class for data-to-data jpeg compression
icl::math::KDTreeSimple KD-Tree implementation
icl::math::LLM::KernelInternally used Kernel structure
icl::qt::DataStore::KeyNotFoundExceptionInternal Exception type thrown if operator[] is given an unknown index string
icl::markers::Fiducial::KeyPointKey point structure
icl::utils::ConfigFile::KeyRestrictionUtility Type for restriction of type values
icl::io::KinectGrabberSpecial Grabber implementation for Microsoft's Kinect Device
icl::cv::opensurf::KmeansKmeans clustering
icl::math::KMeans< Vector, Scalar >Generic Implementation of the K-Means algorithm
icl::qt::LabelLabel component for displaying text
icl::qt::LabelHandleClass for GUI-Label handling
icl::math::LeastSquareModelFitting< T, DataPoint >Direct Least Square Fitting Algorithm
icl::math::LeastSquareModelFitting2DDirect Least Square Fitting specialization for 2D input data
icl::math::LevenbergMarquardtFitter< Scalar >Utility class implementing the multidimensional Levenberg Marquardt Algorithm for non-linear Optimization
icl::core::LineThe ICLs abstract line class describing a line from Point "start" to Point "end"
icl::core::Line32fThe ICLs abstract line class describing a line from Point "start" to Point "end"
icl::math::LinearTransform1DA standard linear mapping class for the 1D case f(x) = m * x + b
icl::geom::LinePrimitiveLine primitive (the line references 2 vertices)
icl::core::LineSamplerUtility class for line sampling
icl::cv::LineSegmentLine segment class (e.g. used for run-length coding)
icl::math::LLMLocal Linear Map implementation (LLM)
icl::filter::LocalThresholdOpLocalThreshold Filter class
icl::utils::LockableInterface for objects, that can be locked using an internal mutex
icl::qt::AbstractPlotWidget::LockerUtility class for scoped locking
icl::utils::Mutex::LockerLocks a mutex on the stack (mutex is unlocked when the stack's section is released
icl::qt::LowLevelPlotWidgetDefault AbstractPlotWidget implementation for plotting different kinds of data
icl::filter::LUT2D< RESULT_T, IDX_T >Simple 2D indexed LUT Implementation
icl::filter::LUTOpClass for applying table lookup transformation to Img8u images
icl::filter::LUTOp3Channel< T >Class for applying table look-up transformation to 3-channel integer-valued images
icl::io::icl_openni::MapGeneratorOptionsThis class interprets and sets Properties of OpenNI MapGenerators
icl::utils::ConfigFile::MapsInternally used type map class
icl::markers::MarkerCodeICL1Utility class for markers of type "icl1"
icl::markers::MarkerMetricsICL1Marker metrics for "icl1" markers
icl::utils::MatchResultUtility structure for matching results
icl::math::MatrixSubRectIterator< Type >Iterator class used to iterate through a sub rect of 2D data
icl::filter::MedianOpClass that provides median filter abilities \
icl::utils::MemberFunctionImpl< Object, R, A, B, C >FunctionImpl implementation for member functions
icl::filter::MirrorOpClass to mirror images vertically or horizontally \
icl::io::DCDevice::ModeInternally used Mode struct (combination of videomode and framerate)
icl::io::pylon::Mono16sToMono16sThis ColorConverter is used for pylon-mono16s to icl-mono16s conversion
icl::io::pylon::Mono8uToMono8uThis ColorConverter is used for pylon-mono8u to icl-mono8u conversion
icl::io::pylon::MonoToMono8uThis ColorConverter is used for other pylon-mono to icl-mono8u conversion
icl::filter::MorphologicalOpClass for Morphological operations \
icl::qt::MouseEventProvided by interface MouseGrabber
icl::qt::MouseHandlerMouseEvent Handler
icl::geom::MouseMappingTableEntryMouse mapping table entry
icl::geom::MouseSensitivitiesMouse sensitivities
icl::markers::MultiCamFiducialFiducial Type for the MuliCamFiducialDetector
icl::markers::MultiCamFiducialDetectorFiducial detector class that allows for using multiple cameras at once for fiducial detection
icl::markers::MultiCamFiducialImplInternal Implementation class for the MutiCamFiducial
icl::qt::MultiDrawHandleHandle class for image components
icl::utils::MultiThreaderUtility class for parallelizing algorithms
icl::utils::MultiTypeMapAbstract and associative Data Container for Data of different types
icl::utils::MutexMutex class of the ICL
icl::filter::NeighborhoodOpUnary operators that work on each pixels neighborhood \
icl::math::SOM::NeuronSOM internal Neuron struct
icl::math::KDTree::NodeKeeps data of node
icl::math::Octree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, Pt, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >::NodeInternally used node structure
icl::math::QuadTree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >::NodeInternally used node structure
icl::geom::Camera::NotEnoughDataPointsExceptionWe need at least 6 Data points in general positions
icl::math::Octree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, Pt, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >Generic Octree Implementation
icl::geom::OctreeObject< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, Pt, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >The OctreeObjects provides a visualizable SceneObject interface for the Octree class
icl::geom::OpenCVCamCalibCameracalibration using OpenCV functions
icl::io::OpenCVCamGrabberGrabber class that uses OpenCV's grabbing function to grab camera images
icl::io::OpenCVVideoGrabberOpencv base grabber implementation for movie files
icl::io::icl_openni::OpenNIDepthGeneratorDepth Image Generator
icl::io::OpenNIGrabberGrabber implementation for OpenNI based camera access
icl::io::OpenNIGrabberThreadInternally spawned thread class for continuous grabbing
icl::io::icl_openni::OpenNIIRGeneratorIR Image Generator
icl::io::icl_openni::OpenNIMapGeneratorAbstract super-class of all Image generators
icl::io::icl_openni::OpenNIRgbGeneratorRGB Image Generator
icl::filter::OpROIHandlerUtility base class for Image Operators
icl::qt::DefineRectanglesMouseHandler::OptionsCummulative Options structure
icl::qt::GUIComponent::OptionsActual options (set using the .xxx methods)
icl::qt::PaintEnginePure virtual Paint engine interface
icl::core::ParableUtility class for the parable-based chromaticity segmentation
icl::utils::ParamListUtility structure that utilizes an std::map as parameter list
icl::utils::ParseExceptionException thrown if a string is parsed into a specific type (or something)
icl::utils::VisualizationDescription::PartSingle part of the the visualization pipeline
icl::geom::PCLPointCloudObject< PCLPointType >PointCloudObject implementation for the PCLPointCloud types
icl::qt::AbstractPlotWidget::PenUtility structure for styles usend in subclasses
icl::core::PixelRef< T >Pixel-Type class for copying image pixles to image pixels
icl::geom::PlaneEquationUtility structure for calculation of view-ray / plane intersections
icl::qt::Plot2D function and data plotting component
icl::geom::Plot3DSpecialized 3D visualization component intended for 3D-box plots (needs ICLGeom-library to be linked)
icl::qt::PlotHandleHandle class for image components
icl::geom::PlotHandle3DHandle class for image components
icl::qt::PlotWidgetEasy to use widget component for 2D data visualization
icl::filter::LUTOp3Channel< T >::PluginInternal plugin class for the LUTOp3Channel
icl::utils::PointPoint class of the ICL used e.g. for the Images ROI offset
icl::utils::Point32fSingle precission 3D Vectors Point class of the ICL
icl::geom::PointCloudCreatorUtility class that allows to create 3D (optionally colored) point clouds from given 2D core::depth images
icl::geom::PointCloudGrabberGeneric interface for PointCloud sources
icl::geom::PointCloudObjectBase implementation of the SceneObjectBase interface for compability with common icl::SceneObjects
icl::geom::PointCloudObjectBaseBase class for point cloud data types
icl::utils::PointerDelOpPointer delete operation class for the SmartPtr class
icl::geom::PolygonPrimitivePolygon primitive
icl::math::PolynomialRegression< T >Generic Implementation of the Polynomial Regression algorithm
icl::geom::PoseEstimatorUtility class for 6D PoseEstimation
icl::geom::PositImplementation of the posit algorithm for 6D pose detection from a single camera
icl::cv::PositionTracker< valueType >Class for tracking 2D positions
icl::geom::PrimitiveAbastract base type for geoemtric primitives
icl::utils::ProcessMonitorGrants access to processes memory and CPU usage
icl::utils::ProgArgProgramm argument utility class
icl::utils::ProgArgExceptionProgramm argument environment exception type \
icl::qt::PropPropery adjustment component for configuable instances
icl::utils::Configurable::PropertyRepresents a single property
icl::filter::ProximityOpClass for computing proximity measures
icl::qt::ProxyLayoutJust a helper class for GUI Layouting
icl::qt::PsProcess status component
icl::core::PseudoColorConverterUtility class for speudocolor conversion
icl::io::pylon::PylonAutoEnvUtility Structure
icl::io::pylon::PylonCameraOptionsThis is a helper class for Pylon camera settings
icl::io::pylon::PylonColorConverterThis is the color-conversion-class for Pylon images
icl::io::pylon::PylonColorToRgbThis ColorConverter is used for pylon-bayer/yuv to icl-rgb conversion
icl::io::pylon::PylonGrabberGrabber implementation for a Basler Pylon-based GIG-E Grabber
icl::io::pylon::PylonGrabberBuffer< T >Buffer, registered to the Pylon-drivers StreamGrabber
icl::io::pylon::PylonGrabberThreadInternally spawned thread class for continuous grabbing
icl::qt::QImageConverterClass for conversion between QImage and core::ImgBase/Img<T>
icl::markers::QuadDetectorTool-class for detecting tilted quads in images
icl::geom::QuadPrimitiveQuad primitive
icl::math::QuadTree< Scalar, CAPACITY, SF, ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE >Generic QuadTree Implementation
icl::utils::RandomSeederObject based random seed caller
icl::utils::Range< Type >Class representing a range defined by min and max value
icl::math::RansacFitter< DataPoint, Model >Generic RANSAC (RAndom SAmpling Consensus) Implementation
icl::geom::RayCastOctreeObjectSpecial Octree implemenation that supports to query points close to caste rays
icl::io::icl_openni::ReadWriteBuffer< T >This is used for concurrent writing and reading of Buffers
icl::io::icl_openni::ReadWriteBufferHandler< T >A BufferHandlers only task is to create T's
icl::utils::RectRectangle class of the ICL used e.g. for the Images ROI-rect
icl::utils::Rect32fFloating point precision implementation of the Rect class
icl::cv::FloodFiller::ReferenceColorCriterion< T >Predefined criterion for simple reference-value based filling for 3-channel images
icl::cv::RegionDetectorComplex utility class for detection of connected image components
icl::cv::ImageRegionData::RegionGraphInfoStructure for representing region-graph information
icl::cv::RegionPCAInfoData-struct to represent local PCA information
icl::markers::RegionStructureRegion structure interface class
icl::geom::Primitive::RenderContextAccumulated context information for rendering primitives
icl::cv::opensurf::ResponseLayerResponse Layer class
icl::cv::FloodFiller::ResultResult structure, returned by the 'apply' methods
icl::core::LineSampler::ResultResult type providing a Point-pointer and number of sample points
icl::cv::TemplateTracker::ResultResult class that describes a tracking result
icl::geom::Posit::ResultResult type (basically a 4x4 homogeneous transformation matrix)
icl::geom::ICP::ResultSimple result structure
icl::io::IntrinsicCalibrator::ResultSimple struct for handle result of computation of intrinsics
icl::math::KMeans< Vector, Scalar >::ResultRestult type
icl::math::LevenbergMarquardtFitter< Scalar >::ResultUtility structure, that represents a fitting result
icl::math::PolynomialRegression< T >::ResultResult type
icl::math::RansacFitter< DataPoint, Model >::ResultResult structure
icl::io::pylon::Rgb8uToRgb8uThis ColorConverter is used for pylon-rgb to icl-rgb conversion
icl::geom::RGBDMappingUtility class for RGBDMapping
icl::filter::RotateOpClass to rotate images \
icl::utils::TextTable::RowAssignerUtility class that is used, to assign a table row at once
icl::io::RSBGrabberGrabber implementation for RSB based image transfer
icl::io::RSBImageOutputImage output implementation using the "Robotics Service Bus (RSB)"
icl::cv::RunLengthEncoderSimple class for creation of a run-length encoding of an image
icl::filter::ScaleOpClass to scale images \
icl::geom::SceneScene Implementation that is used to handle a list of objects and cameras
icl::geom::SceneLightWrapper class for OpenGL lights
icl::geom::SceneLightObjectThe scene light object looks like a light bulb and represents an OpenGL light
icl::geom::SceneMouseHandlerClass providing a mouse handler for class scene
icl::geom::SceneObjectDefines visible objects in scenes or scene graph nodes
icl::geom::SceneObjectBaseDefines and abstract interface for visible entities in 3D scenes
icl::qt::ICLApplication::SecondSingeltonExceptionSuch an exception is returned if a 2nd instance of ICLApplication is created
icl::utils::SelectFunctor< R, A, B, C >Empty utility template that can be used to select a special functor
icl::utils::SemaphoreSimple Semaphore implementation wrapping the standard linux "sem_t"-struct
icl::qt::PlotWidget::SeriesBufferUtility structure for easier series plots
icl::utils::ShallowCopyable< Impl, DelOp >Interface class for cheap copyable classes using a smart ptr
icl::io::SharedMemoryGrabberGrabber class that grabs images from QSharedMemory instances
icl::io::SharedMemoryPublisherPublisher, that can be used to publish images via Qt's QSharedMemory
icl::geom::SharedTexturePrimitiveThe shared texture primitive references a texture from the parent SceneObject
icl::qt::ShowFinalizes GUI creation (actually creates the Qt-GUI and makes it visible)
icl::utils::SignalHandlerC++ Signal-Handler interface class
icl::cv::SimpleBlobSearcherUtility class for region-based colored blob detection
icl::math::SimplexOptimizationResult< T, Vector >Utility structure, that is used as accumulator for results of the SimplexOptimizer class
icl::math::SimplexOptimizer< T, Vector >Template based implementation for the Downhill Simplex Optimiztation method
icl::math::SingularMatrixExceptionSpecial linear algebra exception type \
icl::utils::SizeSize class of the ICL
icl::utils::Size32fSize32f class of the ICL (float valued)
icl::qt::SliderSlider component for int-ranges
icl::qt::SliderHandleHandle class for slider componets
icl::qt::SliderUpdateEventUtility class for threaded updatable sliders
icl::utils::SmartArray< T >Specialization of the SmartPtrBase class for Arrays
icl::utils::SmartPtr< T >Specialization of the SmartPtrBase class for Pointers
icl::utils::SmartPtrBase< T, delOp >Base class for reference counting smart-pointers
icl::math::SOMGeneric implementation of D to K dim Self Organizing Map (SOM)
icl::math::SOM2DSimple Wrapper class of the generic SOM Implementation for 2D SOMs
icl::qt::SpinnerSpinBox component
icl::qt::SpinnerHandleHandle class for spinner components
icl::qt::SplitterHandleA Handle for SplitterWidget container GUI components
icl::utils::StackTimerTool for benchmarking method calls
icl::utils::StackTimer::StackTimerNotifierStackTimerNotifier constructor, USE BENCHMARK_THIS_FUNCTION-MACRO instead
icl::qt::StateHandleClass for GUI-Label handling a so called state component
icl::utils::SteppingRange< Type >Class representing a range with defined stepping
icl::math::StochasticOptimizer< T >The StochasticOptimizer is a tiny frame-work for simple stochastic optimization processes
icl::math::StochasticOptimizerResult< T >Utility structure for the stochastic optimizer class
icl::core::PseudoColorConverter::StopThis is for creation of color gradients
icl::math::StraightLine2DA straight line is parameterized in offset/direction form
icl::qt::StringText Input component, that allows float inputs with a given maximun length
icl::qt::StringHandleClass for handling "string" textfield components
icl::qt::StringSignalButtonInternally used button that emits a signal with its text
icl::utils::StrTokString Tokenizer Utility class
icl::cv::clsurf::SurfOpenCL-based Surf Feature detector implmentation (by AMD)
icl::cv::opensurf::SurfSurf Feation class
icl::cv::SurfFeatureGeneric SURF Feature type
icl::cv::SurfFeatureDetectorICL's *New* Generic Surf Feature detection class
icl::io::SwissRangerGrabberGrabber-Implementation for the SwissRanger time-of-flight camera using the libMesaSR library
icl::qt::TabHandleA Handle for TabWidget container GUI components
icl::cv::TemplateTrackerUtility class vor viewbased template tracking
icl::io::TestImagesUtility class for creating test images
icl::utils::VisualizationDescription::TextUtility class for Text
icl::geom::TextPrimitiveText Texture
icl::utils::TextTableUtility class for pretty console output
icl::geom::TextureGridPrimitiveSpecial texture Primitive for single textures spread over a regular grid of vertices
icl::geom::TexturePrimitiveTexture Primitive
icl::utils::ThreadSimple object oriented thread class wrapping the pthread library
icl::qt::ThreadedUpdatableSliderCompability class
icl::qt::ThreadedUpdatableWidgetCompability class
icl::filter::ThresholdOpClass for thresholding operations
icl::markers::TiltedQuadUtility class that represents a tilted quad in an image
icl::utils::TimeICL Time class (taken from the Ice lib)
icl::filter::TranslateOpClass to translate images \
icl::geom::TrianglePrimitiveTriangle primitive
icl::io::pylon::TsBuffer< T >A buffer holding image information and timestamp
icl::markers::TwoLevelRegionStructureDefines a common two level RegionStructure
icl::filter::UnaryArithmeticalOpClass for Arithmetic Functions
icl::filter::UnaryCompareOpClass for comparing operations
icl::filter::UnaryLogicalOpClass for bitwise logical operations on pixel values
icl::filter::UnaryOpAbstract Base class for Unary Operators
icl::filter::UnaryOpPipeUtility class that helps applying UnaryOps one after another
icl::filter::UnaryOpWorkInternally used Plugin class for multithreaded unary operations
icl::qt::DataStore::UnassignableTypesExceptionInternal Exception type thrown if Data::operator= is called for incompatible values
icl::utils::UncopiedInstance< T >Utility class for class instances that are created brand new on copy
icl::utils::UncopyableClass interface for un-copyable classes
icl::utils::ConfigFile::UnregisteredTypeExceptionThrown if unregistered types are used
icl::utils::URandLightweight Random generator class for uniform random distributions
icl::utils::URandILightweight Random generator class for uniform random distributions in positive integer domain
icl::io::V4L2GrabberThe Video for Linux 2 Grabber uses the v4l2-api to access video capturing devices \
icl::qt::VBoxVertical Box container component
icl::cv::VectorTrackerExtension of the position tracker class for N-dimensional positions
icl::io::VideoGrabberXine-based Video Grabber (grabs most common image formats)
icl::cv::ViewBasedTemplateMatcherTemplateMatching class (wrapping UsefulFunctions::matchTemplate)
icl::geom::ViewRayThis is a view-ray's line equation in parameter form
icl::utils::VisualizationDescriptionAbstract class for visualization tasks
icl::qt::VScrollVertical scroll area
icl::qt::VSplitVertical split-component
icl::filter::WarpOpOperator that remaps an image with given look-up map
icl::filter::WeightChannelsOpWeight pixel values of all image channels
icl::filter::WeightedSumOpAccumulate weighted pixel values of all image channels
icl::filter::WienerOpClass for Wiener Filter \
icl::utils::MultiThreader::WorkPlugin class for work packages performed parallel
icl::cv::WorkingLineSegmentThe working line segment class extends the LineSegment class by some working parameters
icl::io::pylon::Yuv422ToRgb8IclThis ColorConverter uses the icl Yuv422 to Rgb conversion
icl::io::pylon::Yuv422YUYVToRgb8IclThis ColorConverter uses the icl Yuv422YUYV to Rgb conversion
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