Image Component Library (ICL)
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Public Member Functions
icl::io::ImageOutput Struct Reference

Minimal interface for image output classes. More...

#include <ImageOutput.h>

Inheritance diagram for icl::io::ImageOutput:
icl::io::ImageCompressor icl::utils::Uncopyable icl::io::FileWriter icl::io::GenericImageOutput icl::io::OpenCVVideoWriter icl::io::RSBImageOutput icl::io::SharedMemoryPublisher icl::io::ZmqImageOutput

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ImageOutput ()
 virtual destructor
virtual void send (const core::ImgBase *image)=0
 ImageOutput instances must implement this method.

Detailed Description

Minimal interface for image output classes.

The image output is used as generic interface for image sinks. Usually, it is recommended to use the GenericImageOutput class tha provides a string-based interface to set up the output backend.


A few outputs do also support generic image compression, while other implementation provide output dependend compression parameters. E.g. shared memory or RSB-based network output streams use the inherited ImageCompressor to compress sent data. The file- our video image output of course use the used video/file formats compression mechanism.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual icl::io::ImageOutput::~ImageOutput ( ) [inline, virtual]

virtual destructor

Member Function Documentation

virtual void icl::io::ImageOutput::send ( const core::ImgBase image) [pure virtual]

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