Installing RSB Component Tester

There are currently two ways to install the 0.8 version of RSB Component Tester:

  • Binary downloads
  • Debian packages
  • From source

Binary Downloads of RSB Component Tester Tools

  1. Download the component-test binary from the appropriate location:

  2. After the download, the component-test file has to be made executable in most cases. This can be done for example by executing

    $ chmod +x component-test

    in the download directory.

From Source

  1. The whole source tree of RSB Component Tester can be obtained from the repository located at “0.8” branch of
  2. TODO

Debian Packages

Debian packages for several versions of Ubuntu GNU/Linux are available from the CoR-Lab package repository.

  1. The following repository source line has to be added to /etc/apt/sources.list:

    deb RELEASENAME testing

    where RELEASENAME is the appropriate Ubuntu release name.

  2. After that, packages can be installed via

    $ sudo apt-get install PACKAGE

    where PACKAGE is rsb-test-cl0.8.


This installation method only works with Ubuntu GNU/Linux.


More information can be found here.

Running the Examples



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