This section assumes a functional RSB installation for at least one programming language.

See also

Installing RSB
Installing RSB from source or using a package manager.
Solving common problems.

The goal of this section is teaching you how to accomplish some basic and some more advanced tasks using RSB. It is organize into the following parts:

  1. Basic Communication

    This first part teaches the basic communication patterns provided by RSB:

  2. Building a simple chat system

    This part is concerned with designing and building a slightly more complex system applying the techniques of the first part.

  3. Sending and Receiving Custom Data Types

    This part demonstrates sending and receiving of custom (non-builtin) data types using RSB converters.

  4. Extending |project|

    This final part switches from the user to the developer perspective and shows how new capabilities can be added to RSB.


Depending on your RSB configuration, the following examples may require a running Spread daemon for successful execution.

If only a single machine is involved, the Spread daemon can be started using the following command:

$ SPREAD_INSTALL_PREFIX/sbin/spread -n localhost