RSB  0.7.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCCommExceptionGeneral exception thrown upon communication errors
|oCEventBasic message that is exchanged between informers and listeners
|oCEventIdA unique ID for events in RSB
|oCEventQueuePushHandlerA rsb::Handler for rsb::Listener s that pushes all received events on a rsc::SynchronizedQueue
|oCFactoryFactory for RSB user-level domain objects for communication patterns
|oCHandlerAsynchronously called handler interface on the client level
|oCEventFunctionHandlerA utility class to simplify event handling in ordinary functions or member functions
|oCDataFunctionHandlerA utility class to simplify data handling by automatically passing the data of the desired type to a function
|oCDataHandlerA Handler that automatically performs the desired type casting
|oCFilteringHandlerA utility class that forwards events to another rsb::Handler object if they match a given rsb::filter::Filter
|oCAnyTypeA tag type for constructing Informer instances that can publish data of arbitrary types
|oCInformerBaseA informer to publish data
|oCInformerA informer to publish data of a specified type expressed through the template parameter
|oCListenerA Listener receives events published by rsb::Informer objects by participating in a channel with a suitable scope
|oCLocalServiceA Service implementation that structures services locally
|oCMetaDataFramework-supplied meta data attached to each event that give information e.g
|oCParticipantObjects of this class participate in the exchange of notifications on one channel of the bus
|oCParticipantConfigA class describing the configuration of Participant instances
|oCQualityOfServiceSpecSpecification of desired quality of service settings for sending and receiving events
|oCQueuePushHandlerA rsb::Handler for rsb::Listener s that pushes all received data on a rsc::SynchronizedQueue
|oCReaderA Reader receives events published by a informers by participating in a channel with a suitable scope
|oCScopeScope is a descriptor for a hierarchical channel of the unified bus
|oCServiceA service provides a hierarchical structure for organizing participants
|\CUnsupportedQualityOfServiceExceptionAn exception indicating that a desired QualityOfServiceSpec cannot be reached by a transport