RCI Manual (for version 0.4)

The Robot Control Interface (RCI) is a a framework for specification and implementation of interfaces for compliant robot platforms, developed in the AMARSi project together with the component framework CCA (Compliant Control Architecture)

RCI was based on a extensive feature-oriented domain analysis on compliant robots and their control software, which is documented in the AMARSi Deliverable D 7.1 [D71] . It`s main outcome is the concept of the so called Resource Nodes and splitting of the interface in Controlling and Sensing aspects. The Synchronizer concepts cares for keeping the resource nodes and the actual backend (Simulation or hardware drivers) in sync.

[D71]A. Nordmann, S. Wrede, A. Tuleu, N. Tsagarakis, Software Interface for Proprioceptive Sensors and Actuators, 2010


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