Image Component Library (ICL)
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icl::io::FileGrabberPluginImageMagick Class Reference

Interface class for reading images using an ImageMagick++ wrapper. More...

#include <FileGrabberPluginImageMagick.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FileGrabberPluginImageMagick ()
 Create a new Plugin.
 ~FileGrabberPluginImageMagick ()
virtual void grab (utils::File &file, core::ImgBase **dest)
 grab implementation

Private Attributes

InternalData * m_data
 Internal data storage.

Detailed Description

Interface class for reading images using an ImageMagick++ wrapper.

Interface class for writing images using an ImageMagick++ wrapper.

ImageMagick provides reading and writing routines for many file formats: The following list shows all formats currently implemented for ICL's FileWriter. Notify ICL's support if a common core::format, supported by ImageMagick is missing!

        "png", "gif", "pdf",  "ps",  "avs", "bmp", "cgm",  "cin",   "cur",  "cut", "dcx",
        "dib", "dng", "dot",  "dpx", "emf", "epdf","epi",  "eps",   "eps2", "eps3",
        "epsf","epsi","ept",  "fax", "gplt","gray","hpgl", "html",  "ico",  "info",
        "jbig","jng", "jp2",  "jpc", "man", "mat", "miff", "mono",  "mng",  "mpeg","m2v",
        "mpc", "msl", "mtv",  "mvg", "palm","pbm", "pcd",  "pcds",  "pcl",  "pcx", "pdb",
        "pfa", "pfb", "picon","pict","pix", "ps",  "ps2",  "ps3",   "psd",  "ptif","pwp",
        "rad", "rgb", "pgba", "rla", "rle", "sct", "sfw",  "sgi",   "shtml","sun", "svg",
        "tga", "tiff","tim",  "ttf", "txt", "uil", "uyuv", "vicar", "viff", "wbmp",
        "wmf", "wpg", "xbm",  "xcf", "xpm", "xwd", "ydbcr","ycbcra","yuv"

Use the following linux shell command for a list of supported formats of your ImageMagick library:

        > identify -list format

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create a new Plugin.


Member Function Documentation

virtual void icl::io::FileGrabberPluginImageMagick::grab ( utils::File file,
core::ImgBase **  dest 
) [virtual]

grab implementation

Implements icl::io::FileGrabberPlugin.

Member Data Documentation

Internal data storage.

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