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icl::geom::PlotWidget3D Class Reference

#include <PlotWidget3D.h>

Inheritance diagram for icl::geom::PlotWidget3D:
icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget3D icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget icl::qt::ICLWidget

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Public Types

typedef SceneObjectHandle

Public Member Functions

 PlotWidget3D (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~PlotWidget3D ()
void setViewPort (const utils::Range32f &xrange, const utils::Range32f &yrange, const utils::Range32f &zrange)
const utils::Range32f * getViewPort () const
ScenegetScene ()
const ScenegetScene () const
SceneObjectgetRootObject ()
const SceneObjectgetRootObject () const
const CameragetCamera () const
void setCamera (const Camera &cam)
void add (SceneObject *obj, bool passOwnerShip=true)
void remove (Handle h)
void color (int r, int g, int b, int a)
void nocolor ()
 disables drawing edges
void fill (int r, int g, int b, int a)
void nofill ()
 disables filling primitives
void smoothfill (bool on)
void pointsize (float size)
 sets current pointsize (default is 1)
void linewidth (float width)
 sets current linewidth (default is 1);
void lock ()
void unlock ()
void clear ()
Handle scatter (const std::vector< Vec > &points)
Handle scatter (const std::vector< Vec > &points, const std::vector< GeomColor > &colors, const utils::Range32f &colorRange=utils::Range32f(0, 255))
Handle linestrip (const std::vector< Vec > &points)
Handle surf (const std::vector< Vec > &points, int nx, int ny)
Handle surf (utils::Function< float, float, float > fxy, const utils::Range32f &rx=utils::Range32f(0, 0), const utils::Range32f &ry=utils::Range32f(0, 0), int nx=100, int ny=100, Handle reuseObj=0)
Handle label (const Vec &p, const std::string &text)

Private Attributes

Data * m_data
 Internal data class (large, so it's hidden)

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::PlotWidget3D ( QWidget *  parent = 0)

Member Function Documentation

void icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::add ( SceneObject obj,
bool  passOwnerShip = true 
void icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::color ( int  r,
int  g,
int  b,
int  a 
void icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::fill ( int  r,
int  g,
int  b,
int  a 
const utils::Range32f* icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::getViewPort ( ) const
Handle icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::label ( const Vec p,
const std::string &  text 
Handle icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::linestrip ( const std::vector< Vec > &  points)

sets current linewidth (default is 1);

Reimplemented from icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget.

disables drawing edges

Reimplemented from icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget.

disables filling primitives

Reimplemented from icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget.

sets current pointsize (default is 1)

Reimplemented from icl::qt::ICLDrawWidget.

Handle icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::scatter ( const std::vector< Vec > &  points)
Handle icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::scatter ( const std::vector< Vec > &  points,
const std::vector< GeomColor > &  colors,
const utils::Range32f &  colorRange = utils::Range32f(0, 255) 
void icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::setViewPort ( const utils::Range32f &  xrange,
const utils::Range32f &  yrange,
const utils::Range32f &  zrange 
Handle icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::surf ( const std::vector< Vec > &  points,
int  nx,
int  ny 
Handle icl::geom::PlotWidget3D::surf ( utils::Function< float, float, float >  fxy,
const utils::Range32f &  rx = utils::Range32f(0, 0),
const utils::Range32f &  ry = utils::Range32f(0, 0),
int  nx = 100,
int  ny = 100,
Handle  reuseObj = 0 

Member Data Documentation

Internal data class (large, so it's hidden)

Reimplemented from icl::qt::ICLWidget.

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