These examples build on the Oncilla API Level 1 and API Level 2, which allow access to the robot through the Compliant Control Architecture (CCA). Examples show both local (in-process) and remote access, as well as remote access with different languages (eg. Python) and tool usage.

All examples are delivered and properly installed with the Oncilla-Sim Project Wizard for convenience and easy trial.

The examples were written for the Oncilla Simulation, but should work exactly the same later on the real hardware platform.

Simple Sine Movement Component

To show basic movement using the local CCA interface, we provide a simple example performing a sine-movement on the Oncilla joint in position control, to generate a simple walking movement. See Simple Sine Movement Component.

Simple Sine Movement in Python

To show the remote access to Oncilla API Level 2 we provide an example written in Python that performs an simple sine movement, by sending commands to the Simulation over the Robotics Service Bus (RSB), which is available in Python, C++, Java and Common Lisp. See Simple Sine Movement in Python.

Recording and Replaying Simple Sine Movement

To show an example of the tool support that comes with the Robotics Service Bus (RSB) middleware that is used by CCA, this example shows recording and replaying of movements using the RSBag Tools. See Recording and Replaying Simple Sine Movement.

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