Installing Required Software

The following RSB-related software has to be installed:


The following linked installation instructions point to the required respective software versions.

  • RSBag Tools

    Installation instructions

    Usually it is sufficient to download the binaries instead of a manual compilation.

    RSBag comes with a set of scripts. These scripts are required for some of the workflows in this tutorial. Please inform yourself depending on the chosen installation method where these scripts are installed.

  • rsb-gstreamer

    TODO: installation instructions


For Debian-based Linux systems like Ubuntu Linux, the native package manager can be used to install this software. Assuming software sources have been configured as described here, the following command installs all required software

$ sudo apt-get install rsbagcl|version|-bin rsb-gstreamer

Testing the Installation


$ bag-record --version

This should report version 0.7.

GStreamer Plugin

$ gst-inspect-0.10 rsb


$ record-ogv

should display something along the lines of:

usage: scripts/ OUTPUT VIDEOSCOPE ( AUDIOSCOPE | _ )