usage: rsb-host-monitor [-h] [-o SCOPE] [-c MILLIS] [-n HOST] [-p] [-l [FILE]]


Monitors a host and exposes results via RSB.


optional arguments

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-o <scope>, --scope <scope>

Output scope for gathered data. (default: Scope[/host/trusty64/])

-c <millis>, --cycle <millis>

The time between consecutive measurements. (default: 2000)

-n <host>, --host <host>

Host name to report in generated data. (default: trusty64)

-p, --print

Print gathered results on stdout.

-l <file>, --logging <file>

Configures the python logging system. If used without an argument, all logging is enabled to the console. If used with an argument, the configuration is read from the specified file.