Common Lisp Implementation


Supported Lisp Implementations

Currently, only recent versions (e.g. 1.0.55 or newer) of SBCL are fully supported.

Required Infrastructure

  • ASDF is used for compilation, loading and dependency management
  • Quicklisp is used for installation of dependencies

External Dependencies

System Required? Obtainable From
alexandria yes Quicklisp
split-sequence yes Quicklisp
iterate yes Quicklisp
let-plus yes Quicklisp
more-conditions yes Quicklisp
bordeaux-threads yes Quicklisp
lparallel yes Quicklisp
trivial-garbage yes Quicklisp
closer-mop yes Quicklisp
cl-hooks yes Quicklisp
cl-dynamic-classes yes
log4cl yes Quicklisp
nibbles yes Quicklisp
puri yes Quicklisp
uuid yes Quicklisp
local-time yes Quicklisp
cl-ppcre for Regexp filtering Quicklisp
cxml-stp for XML payload Quicklisp
xpath for XPath filtering Quicklisp
cl-protobuf for Spread transport
network.spread for Spread transport
– libspread for Spread transport See C++ installation instructions


  1. Checkout cl-rsb system from “0.11” branch of

  2. Install other required systems:

    • cl-dynamic-classes
    • cl-protobuf
    • network.spread
  3. Load cl-rsb with Quicklisp to pull in remaining dependencies

    (ql:quickload :cl-rsb)