RSB  0.12.2
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oCCommExceptionGeneral exception thrown upon communication errors
 oCEventBasic message that is exchanged between informers and listeners
 oCEventIdA unique ID for events in RSB
 oCFactoryFactory for RSB user-level domain objects for communication patterns
 oCHandlerAsynchronously called handler interface on the client level
 oCEventFunctionHandlerA utility class to simplify event handling in ordinary functions or member functions
 oCDataFunctionHandlerA utility class to simplify data handling by automatically passing the data of the desired type to a function
 oCDataHandlerA Handler that automatically performs the desired type casting
 oCFilteringHandlerA utility class that forwards events to another rsb::Handler object if they match a given rsb::filter::Filter
 oCAnyTypeA tag type for constructing Informer instances that can publish data of arbitrary types
 oCInformerBaseA informer to publish data
 oCInformerA informer to publish data of a specified type expressed through the template parameter
 oCListenerA Listener receives events published by rsb::Informer objects by participating in a channel with a suitable scope
 oCMetaDataFramework-supplied meta data attached to each event that give information e.g
 oCParticipantObjects of this class participate in the exchange of notifications on one channel of the bus
 oCParticipantConfigA class describing the configuration of Participant instances
 oCQualityOfServiceSpecSpecification of desired quality of service settings for sending and receiving events
 oCReaderA Reader receives events published by a informers by participating in a channel with a suitable scope
 oCScopeScope is a descriptor for a hierarchical channel of the unified bus
 \CUnsupportedQualityOfServiceExceptionAn exception indicating that a desired QualityOfServiceSpec cannot be reached by a transport