Oncilla-Sim Manual (for version 0.2)


Oncilla-Sim is the central project for the Oncilla Quadruped Simulation, developed in the AMARSi project. Oncilla-Sim contains a Project Wizard, that helps you set up new simulation projects and experiments, and installs Examples for the usage of the different API layers.

The Simulator is based on the Webots Simulator by Cyberbotics and requires a Webots PRO License. If you don’t have an appropriate license, you can also register at Cyberbotics to obtain free 30 day trial version of the Webots PRO License.


Currently Oncilla-Sim is compatible with Webots versions lower than 7.0. You can download older Webots 6.x versions (e.g. 6.4.4, scroll down for debian packages) here.


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