Image Component Library (ICL)
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icl::geom::Primitive Struct Reference

Abastract base type for geoemtric primitives. More...

#include <Primitive.h>

Inheritance diagram for icl::geom::Primitive:
icl::geom::GenericTexturePrimitive icl::geom::LinePrimitive icl::geom::PolygonPrimitive icl::geom::QuadPrimitive icl::geom::TextureGridPrimitive icl::geom::TrianglePrimitive icl::geom::TwoSidedGridPrimitive icl::geom::SharedTexturePrimitive icl::geom::TexturePrimitive icl::geom::TwoSidedTextureGridPrimitive icl::geom::TextPrimitive

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struct  RenderContext
 accumulated context information for rendering primitives More...

Public Types

enum  Type {
  vertex = 1<<0, line = 1<<1, triangle = 1<<2, quad = 1<<3,
  polygon = 1<<4, texture = 1<<5, text = 1<<6, nothing = 1<<7,
  custom = 1<<20, PRIMITIVE_TYPE_COUNT = 8, all = (1<<PRIMITIVE_TYPE_COUNT)-1, faces = triangle | quad | polygon | texture | text
 primitive type for dynamic handling of different primitives More...

Public Member Functions

 Primitive (Type type=nothing, const GeomColor &color=GeomColor(255, 255, 255, 255))
 Default constructor.
virtual ~Primitive ()
 virtual, but empty destructor
virtual void render (const Primitive::RenderContext &ctx)=0
 virtual render method, which is called by the parent scene object
virtual Primitivecopy () const =0
 must be implemented in order to obtain a deep and independent copy

Public Attributes

Type type
 the primitive type
GeomColor color
 the color of this primitive

Detailed Description

Abastract base type for geoemtric primitives.

Primitives are atomar geometric entities, that are used to build SceneObjects. Primitives must only* define, how they are rendered in OpenGL. For rendering, the primitives can access the parent objects data such as vertices and normals. By these means, several primitives can share resources such as vertices, normals or even textures. Usually primitives will just define vertex indices that are then used to pick the correct vertices from the parent SceneObject's vertex list.
) only is not completely correct, they also have to implement a deep copy interface

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Member Enumeration Documentation

primitive type for dynamic handling of different primitives


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

icl::geom::Primitive::Primitive ( Type  type = nothing,
const GeomColor color = GeomColor(255,255,255,255) 
) [inline]

Default constructor.

virtual icl::geom::Primitive::~Primitive ( ) [inline, virtual]

virtual, but empty destructor

Member Function Documentation

virtual Primitive* icl::geom::Primitive::copy ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual void icl::geom::Primitive::render ( const Primitive::RenderContext ctx) [pure virtual]

Member Data Documentation

the color of this primitive

the primitive type

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