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Common File-I/O Utility Functions and Classes


class  icl::utils::File
 Utility class for file handling (reading files is buffered) More...
class  icl::io::FileList
 Utility class implementing a list of files. More...
class  icl::io::FilenameGenerator
 Utility class for generating a stream of filenames. More...
class  icl::io::TestImages
 Utility class for creating test images. More...


ICLIO_API void icl::io::labelImage (core::ImgBase *image, const std::string &label)
 draws a label into the upper left image corner

Function Documentation

ICLIO_API void icl::io::labelImage ( core::ImgBase *  image,
const std::string &  label 

draws a label into the upper left image corner

This utility function can be used e.g. to identify images in longer computation queues. Internally is uses a static map of hard-coded ascii-art letters ('a'-'z)'=('A'-'Z'), ('0'-'9') and ' '-'/' are defined yet. which associates letters to letter images and corresponding offsets. Some tests showed, that is runs very fast (about 100ns per call). Note, that no line-break mechanism is implemented, so the labeling is restricted to a single line, which is cropped, if the label would overlap with the right or bottom image border.

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