Image Component Library (ICL)
icl::filter::ImageRectification< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for icl::filter::ImageRectification< T >, including all inherited members.
apply(const utils::Point32f ps[4], const core::Img< T > &src, const utils::Size &resultSize, math::FixedMatrix< float, 3, 3 > *hom=0, math::FixedMatrix< float, 2, 2 > *Q=0, math::FixedMatrix< float, 2, 2 > *R=0, float maxTilt=0, bool advanedAlgorithm=true, const utils::Rect *resultROI=0, const core::scalemode eScaleMode=core::interpolateLIN)icl::filter::ImageRectification< T >
buffericl::filter::ImageRectification< T > [private]
ImageRectification(bool validateAndSortPoints=true)icl::filter::ImageRectification< T > [inline]
validateAndSortPointsicl::filter::ImageRectification< T > [private]
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