Image Component Library (ICL)
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VisualizationDescription.h File Reference
#include <ICLUtils/CompatMacros.h>
#include <ICLUtils/Any.h>
#include <ICLUtils/Point32f.h>
#include <ICLUtils/Rect32f.h>

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class  icl::utils::VisualizationDescription
 Abstract class for visualization tasks. More...
struct  icl::utils::VisualizationDescription::Part
 Single part of the the visualization pipeline. More...
struct  icl::utils::VisualizationDescription::Text
 Utility class for Text. More...
struct  icl::utils::VisualizationDescription::Color
 Utility Color class. More...


namespace  icl

The ICL-namespace.

namespace  icl::utils


std::ostream & icl::utils::operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const VisualizationDescription::Text &t)
std::istream & icl::utils::operator>> (std::istream &stream, VisualizationDescription::Text &t)
std::ostream & icl::utils::operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const VisualizationDescription::Color &c)
 overloaded ostream operator for VisualizationDescription::Color
std::istream & icl::utils::operator>> (std::istream &stream, VisualizationDescription::Color &c)
 overloaded istream operator for VisualizationDescription::Color
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