Image Component Library (ICL)
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RegionGrower.h File Reference
#include <ICLMath/FixedVector.h>
#include <ICLCore/Img.h>
#include <ICLCore/DataSegment.h>
#include <ICLMath/HomogeneousMath.h>
#include <ICLUtils/Exception.h>

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class  icl::cv::RegionGrower
 class for region growing on images and DataSegments (e.g. poincloud xyzh) More...
struct  icl::cv::RegionGrower::RegionGrowerDataAccessor< T, DataT, DIM >
struct  icl::cv::RegionGrower::EqualThreshold
struct  icl::cv::RegionGrower::Float4EuclideanDistance
struct  icl::cv::RegionGrower::RegionGrowerDataAccessor< core::Img8u, icl8u, 1 >
struct  icl::cv::RegionGrower::RegionGrowerDataAccessor< core::Img8u, icl8u, 3 >
struct  icl::cv::RegionGrower::RegionGrowerDataAccessor< core::DataSegment< float, 4 >, float, 4 >


namespace  icl

The ICL-namespace.

namespace  icl::cv
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