Image Component Library (ICL)
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DC.h File Reference
#include <dc1394/control.h>
#include <dc1394/conversions.h>
#include <ICLCore/Types.h>
#include <ICLUtils/Size.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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namespace  icl

The ICL-namespace.

namespace  icl::io
namespace  icl::io::dc

internal used namespace for libdc1394 dependent help functions and classes


std::string icl::io::dc::to_string (dc1394video_mode_t vm)
 translate a dc1394video_mode_t into a string representation
std::string icl::io::dc::to_string (dc1394framerate_t fr)
 translate a dc1394framerate_t into a string representation
std::string icl::io::dc::to_string (dc1394color_filter_t f)
 translate a dc1394color_filter_t into a string representation
std::string icl::io::dc::to_string (dc1394bayer_method_t bm)
 translate a dc1394bayer_method_t into a string representation
std::string icl::io::dc::to_string (dc1394feature_t f)
 translate a dc1394feature_t into a string representation
dc1394video_mode_t icl::io::dc::videomode_from_string (const std::string &s)
 translate a dc1394video_mode_t from a string representation
dc1394framerate_t icl::io::dc::framerate_from_string (const std::string &s)
 translate a dc1394framerate_t from a string representation
dc1394bayer_method_t icl::io::dc::bayermethod_from_string (const std::string &s)
 translate a dc1394bayer_method_t from a string representation
dc1394feature_t icl::io::dc::feature_from_string (const std::string &s)
 translate a dc1394feature_t from a string representation
const std::vector< std::string > & icl::io::dc::getListOfAllFeatures ()
 returns a list of all currently implemented dc1394 features
void icl::io::dc::initialize_dc_cam (dc1394camera_t *c, int nDMABuffers, DCDeviceOptions *options)
 (TODO) sets up a camera to some useful defaults dependent on its model id
void icl::io::dc::release_dc_cam (dc1394camera_t *c)
 stops the capturing and streaming process
void icl::io::dc::set_streaming (dc1394camera_t *c, bool on)
 ensures iso streaming of the given camera to have the given state (on or off)
dc1394video_frame_t * icl::io::dc::get_newest_frame (dc1394camera_t *c)
 gets the newest frame from a given camera
dc1394video_frame_t * icl::io::dc::get_a_frame (dc1394camera_t *c)
 gets a new frame from the given camera
void icl::io::dc::extract_image_to (dc1394video_frame_t *f, dc1394color_filter_t bayerLayout, core::ImgBase **ppoDst, const utils::Size &desiredSizeHint, core::format desiredFormatHint, core::depth desiredDepthHint, std::vector< icl8u > &dataBuffer, dc1394bayer_method_t bayerMethod)
 converts a grabbed frame
void icl::io::dc::extract_image_to_2 (dc1394video_frame_t *f, dc1394color_filter_t bayerLayout, core::ImgBase **ppoDst, std::vector< icl8u > &dataBuffer, dc1394bayer_method_t bayerMethod)
 extracts the given frame (in most appropiate way)
bool icl::io::dc::can_extract_image_to (dc1394video_frame_t *f, const utils::Size &desiredSizeHint, core::format desiredFormatHint, core::depth desiredDepthHint)
 determins if the desired parameters can be fullfilled by extract_image_to(..)
void icl::io::dc::install_signal_handler ()
 creates a signal handler for the SIGINT signal
void icl::io::dc::bayer2gray (icl8u *src, icl8u *dst, int w, int h)
 internally used bayer conversion function
dc1394_t * icl::io::dc::get_static_context ()
 since rc9 of libdc, a libary context was introduced
void icl::io::dc::free_static_context ()
 (since rc 9 of libdc) releases the static dc-context
bool icl::io::dc::is_dc800_capable (dc1394camera_t *cam)
 returns whether the given camera supports firewire B
void icl::io::dc::set_iso_speed (dc1394camera_t *cam, int mbits)
 sets iso transmission speed for the wrapped dc1394 context
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