Developing with the Framework

Cloning the sample torque controller (mm-controller)

To clone and build the controller proceed as follows:

  1. git clone mm-controller
  2. mkdir mm-controller/build && cd mm-controller/build
  3. Cmake command links to the volume:
cmake -DOROCOS-RTT_DIR=/vol/cogimon/lib/cmake/orocos-rtt -DRCI_DIR=/vol/cogimon/share/rci0.5 -DRSC_DIR=/vol/cogimon/share/rsc0.13 -DNemoMath_DIR=/vol/cogimon/share/NemoMath0.5 -DRSB_DIR=/vol/cogimon/share/rsb0.13 -Dorocos_kdl_DIR=/vol/cogimon/share/orocos_kdl ..
  1. make -j4

Developing with the volume installation

Follow the steps as explained in Using the pre-configured volume installation. In order to use your very own RTT component (e.g. a controller) with the volume installation, you have to include an additional step between 2 and 3a:

After you have sourced the setup file with the line below,

2.) setup up all necessary paths source etc/

you have to add the path to the shared object of your RTT component to the search path of orocos (e.g. mm-controller):

2.1) e.g. export RTT_COMPONENT_PATH=$RTT_COMPONENT_PATH:/homes/.../mm-controller/build/src/orocos